Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Things I Hate: And Other Persnickity Thoughts...

Look at that joker pointing. Damn fool... Posted by Hello

I had to get some hard copy on one of the below pet peeves. Talk about something driving me insane, or even more so. This list is clearly edited, there's about 1000 more things that make me twitch. This is enough--for now...

I am With Stupid- You've seen this. Two people in a picture, one person is pointing to the other. Often both people are pointing at the other. Why? This phenomenon is especially tiresome. Doesn’t everyone look like a jerk pointing to the person next to them? Who is it for? We can see. Of course this is a faux “observance” of someone’s “coolitude.” It’s like saying, “The picture is not about me, it’s about this person over here.” How revolting—-and silly.

Hey moron, you're not a boxer. No one thinks you're cool, get over it.- I’ve rarely seen a boxer in his prime doing such foolishness. What’s worse? Seeing a person do this for no reason. You know this deal. Some jackass on a TV show does a little boxing moves--for no apparent reason. No ring, no skill, no nothing. Sadly, it’s probably a way to appear less bland, somewhat fit and interesting. The stratagem backfires when the more astute among us realize that the only person who is on the receiving end of this non-beat down is perhaps a disinterested crew and a possibly portly camera man. I’d love to get a time machine and beam one of these pseudo feet shufflers to 1974 and Muhammad Ali. Yeah, “tough” guy—shadowbox on that!

Paris Hilton- What a vulgar human being. Taking advantage of a world craving entertainment, this creature somehow has become fodder for the entertainment community. Let’s review. Her family is noveau-riche. She’s not that attractive, interesting or sexy. She’s just there, pretending to approximate normal behavior with her sad little poses, craned neck and beak-like nose, butchered by heavy hands in a surgery gone horribly wrong. I do have to say, I’m from the “old-school.” The women who monopolized so much time were actually, well, hot. Hilton is just an annoyance, like a sheepfly. Never deadly, yet you want them out of the way just the same.

Dennis Miller- Look-it, “pops” is angry. Actually Miller isn't old, but he's sure acting like it. What caused him to change? According to the spin, Miller heard some of his liberal friends call Rudolph Guiliani a “Nazi.” Boo, hoo-hoo. That was the only reason from him leaving his perch as an observer of all things politically wrong to become George W. Bush’s pussy boy. What an odd detour; another sad decline. Of course with the flurry of rehashed material (retire the crack/Sanka joke) Kerry “guffaws” and an horrendous and mercifully canceled MSNBC pseudo-intellectual yak fest, the whole shebang has seemed to age Miller warp speed. It’s hard to believe this guy was actually cool. It’s also hard to believe that it took a simpleton like Bush to reveal Miller’s yellow underbelly.

Jason Elias- Oops, did that go through? Nah I'll hold off on that. I'm going to go over my notes and make sure Jason gets it real good!
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