Friday, June 03, 2005

Pop Culture Idiot's Achiever of the Minute: Benson Fong

The ever prescient Fong has a flash on the Pop Culture Idiot... Posted by Hello

Mantan Moreland says, "Jason Elias's "career" went that-a-way..." Posted by Hello

I must be honest; Ty Pennington was going to be the Pop Culture Idiot Achiever of the Minute. I heard some distressing news about Ty Pennington so I had to kick it to Benson Fong. Benson Fong always knew what time it was. Since you’re reading this far I’ll be willing to bet Benson Fong is right up your alley. And sadly that was one of the many complaints about Fong, but anyway.

As a fan of character actors I always followed this guy’s work. It’s top-notch. I mostly remember Fong from his work in Family Affair. On the 1966-71 series Fong played two roles, Eng Ho and Paul Chang. There were a lot of Chang, Chung, Yang and Woo’s in Fong’s acting history. Most notably Fong was in those Charlie Chan movies as Chan’s “number three” son. Number three? Not this trip. From his stint as a restaurateur at “Ah Fong” (named after his role in the 1975's The World's Strongest Boy) to his 1,520 guest shots, Benson Fong, well he’s just grand. In layman's terms you all can stop that gabbing, there's nothing wrong, with Benson Fong...
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