Monday, May 30, 2005

Subway Jared, Still Annoying  Posted by Hello

Jared sure looks happy in that pic, doesn't he? Little does he know the Pop Culture Idiot added its own special little condiment in the sandwich: Some good ol' Big H sauce. And yes, you're right Einstein, Big H hasn't been made in close to 27 years, don't tell Jared--he's about to hurl on his shoes.

Poisioning and 'gurgitatin' aside, Jared's getting on my nerves. I don't know why. He's been the pitchman for Subway for a good while now. At first I was a fan. Jared Fogle's weight loss was an impressive story. Seeing the before and after shots were particularly moving so much so I was close to tears. The early spots found a charming Fogle losing his heft that had to equal 4 or 5 people. He seemed so glad and inexperienced in front of the camera. And then he wasn't. Flash up a few years, Jared's spots have been increasingly pissy and busy body-ish.

He think he know it all--and all the while it looks like he's getting a little chunky again to boot. Let's be real, he was never svelte. Jared never was a textbook entry for muscle tone and or general aesethic excellence. In fact it was overlooked because he wasn't anywhere near his former Haystacks Calhoun like proportions. But now, the gloves are off, it's personal. The world is tired of Jared trying to force us to pound down one of Subway's hit or miss menu offerings. In layman's terms, we've had our fill of Jared too...
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