Saturday, May 14, 2005

Pop Culture Idiot's Mission: Find Eivets Rednow

Where's Eivets!? Posted by Hello

Now this was a talented young man and pardon my French, I don't think he ever got his due. Eivets released an album for Gordy in 1967. A pleasant album, the kind of album you could play for the whole family. In fact, I'd go so far to say that this is the best Eivets Rednow album you're likely to hear. Ok, it's the only one you're likely to hear.

On this album Eivets--E for short--did top notch cover versions of "Alfie," "A House is Not a Home" plus the rousing and poignant, "More Than A Dream." But alas it was not enough. Given the changing musical scene, Rednow was never heard from again. He was dropped Gordy Records due to sales described as "sluggish."This is where I come in. I'm looking to find Eivets Rednow. He hasn't been heard from since this release and like a lot of others, I'm worried. So If you know about Rednow's whereabouts, you certainly can drop a line at the Pop Culture Idiot, we'll be glad to take your message...
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