Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pop Culture Idiot Fave: Emily Valentine

Wow, she even looks like an Emily... Posted by Hello

I've had to come to terms with a lot in my life. Finding out there was no Santa Claus at the ripe old age of 11. Finally excepting the fact that the Beatles weren't going to reform--even for a night. I was also shocked to find out that Emily Valentine doesn't exist. Here's how I got the 411. Too tired to surf for porn, I stumbled, well blatantly searched for "Emily Valentine" to find some pics and info. I found one particular site that seems to believe Emily Valentine was/is a real person. Not quite.

Valentine was a character on Beverly Hills 90210. She was the "bad" girl who dated the always boring Brandon Walsh as well as the world's oldest "teen" Dylan Michael McKay (cool name). Valentine, portrayed by the lovely Christine Elise was indeed one of the most visceral and real characters. What wasn't there to love? Elise, a handsome woman in the best sense pretty much took a blowtorch to the stogy and safe 90210 confines and actually created one of the few realistic characters. Valentine's intelligence, as well as Elise's pretty much blew past through every silly plot device. Perhaps she is best remembered by the time she wore Walsh's silly Twins jersey and generally made such a ruckus she had to be hauled off to a mental institution. Sad times.

Valentine appeared, apparently "all better" in San Francisco to meet Brandon yet again. She had become oddly interested in marine biology and had matured. She was still smoking hot though. She made two later appearances with "good guy" Brandon giving her the ok to go to the Cousteau Institute. Brandon also gave himself the ok to date a succession of increasingly boring women as the show limped to the finish line. They weren't as cool as Emily Valentine though.
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